Lean on Me Series

Don’t miss all five books in the Lean On Me Series, novels which explore the miraculous and magical ways adults help teens to cope with their lives. 


By-the-book Secret Service Agent Joe Stonehouse is assigned to work with rebel Agent Luke Ludzecky on a task force to combat school violence.  When they go undercover in Fairholm, NY, to a school flagged for an outbreak, they find that the institution is indeed in danger. But when Joe butts heads with principal Suzanna Quinn, and teacher Kelsey Cunningham gets close to her new student Luke, all their personal lives are turned upside down. In Book 1, PROMISES TO KEEP, follow the fast-paced plot ripped straight from the headlines and bask in the love stories that will make you believe in romance.


Three years after his wife’s death, Public Defender Luke Rayburn is still struggling with loneliness and the trials of being a single parent. But when his son Michael decides he wants to meet his biological mother, Luke must face one of the biggest challenges of his life. Who knew, when they both meet the haunted, beautiful Meredith Hunter, their lives would get inextricably bound together? Full of hot passion and tender family scenes, as well as insights into some explosive legal cases, MICHAEL’S FAMILY, Book 2, is sure to tug on your heart strings.


As kids, the stock car racing town of Glen Oaks called them The Outlaws. Who knew the hoodlums on the street would grow up to be upstanding citizens? Their leader, Linc, has become a minister, but never got over his first love, Margo, now an atheist because of her upbringing in a religious cult. Beth is lonely after the death of her husband Danny, until Tucker, the man who blames himself for Danny’s death, comes to town. And Annie has overcome emotional and physical scars from her youthful marriage to Joe, but will her progress be enough when he reenters her life? In Book 3, TRUST IN ME, troubled teen Ronny reunites them, and in trying to help the boy, the three couples uncover a passion for each other that can no longer be denied.


Single parent Nick DiMarco is out to prove something to himself and to the world. His ex-wife abandoned him and his two children to lead the life of a socialite. Now, Nick’s working two jobs and attending law school. But when his daughter’s counselor, Amanda Carson, tells him his child is suicidal, Nick must make difficult choices to save his family. Further complicating these issues are the feelings both Nick and Amanda, a woman too much like his ex, develop feelings for each other. In WHEN A MAN LOVES A WOMAN, Book 4, intense emotional scenes, a frightening look at teenage suicide and a love story that won’t be suppressed all combine to make this a powerful, heart-wrenching drama.


When Callie Casewell tells her husband Nick Muscato she’s pregnant with another man’s child, and hours later, he’s accused of sexual misconduct with a student, they’re shocked by what is sure to destroy their marriage. After all, she’d followed him to Vassar so he could pursue his dream of being a major league baseball player and spent years in limbo about her own career. But even then, they dealt with an injury that caused Nick to lose his dreams, his inability to have children and Callie’s yearning to return to their Alma Mater and teach. Though this stress might split up a lesser couple, In A PRICE WORTH PAYING, Book 5, Nick and Callie fight the accusation and try to keep their marriage together.

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About the Baby Series

Everybody loves a baby. Check out Kathryn Shay’s three books each centering around a couple and their new babies. The romance in these books is both sizzling and tender.


There’s no way ruined CEO Ben Cassidy is going to trust Emily Erickson after he discovers she’s the daughter of the man who stole his company. Ben has lost everything except the soup kitchen he started when he was successful, in honor of his alcoholic father. 

Emily Erikson does not know Ben’s true identity. She falls head over heels for him, and thought they had a chance together after one night of passion. But he discovers who she is and rejects her outright.

Until they discover she’s expecting a baby.


When Zach Sloan and Annie Montgomery married, they were certain their love would last forever. They didn’t count on their differences tearing them apart. He wanted the successful, glamorous life of a hotshot architect, and she wanted a simple life helping other people. They divorce, and have what they want—except each other.

Five years later, Zach’s whole career is at stake when a crisis hits one of his buildings. Annie is there with the Red Cross, and can’t help but comfort him. When that comfort turns into passion, Annie and Zach they have much to fight for. But their problems don’t go disappear, and they must compromise. Something neither is good at. Can they do this for themselves and the child?


Lily Wakefield has nowhere else to go but to the small town of Fairview where her estranged grandfather lives. He and the whole town accept her fully, and help her care for herself and her unborn twins. But it’s Simon McCarthy’s love she wants.

Simon can’t trust Lily. He’s afraid she’s hoodwinking his friend, her grandfather, and the entire town. Including his sixteen year old daughter who’s as smitten with Lily and the twins as everyone else. He’s also afraid she’s here to steal the newspaper he’s been buying up for years. 

Simon falls for Lily, and everyone is happy, until Lily’s past catches up with her. Then she breaks everyone’s heart by making the biggest mistake of her life. When she realizes this, nobody, especially Simon is willing to forgive her. Not even for the babies.

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Dear Readers,

Welcome to the world of Kathryn Shay. I write contemporary romances that reviewers have called “heart-wrenching and emotional.” Many of my books are set in upstate New York, New York City, and surrounding areas.

You might have heard I write firefighter and teacher stories, but I cover a whole host of professions such as lawyers, Secret Service agents, CEOs, Irish pub owners, architects and police officers.

My work centers on hot, controversial issues: family problems, parents and children, friendship, troubled teens, school violence, infidelity and marriages in trouble, holiday stories and online dating. I hope you’ll peruse my website and get to know me (on my bio page and fun stuff) and the novels I write.

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