Dancing in the Dark + BONUS!

She wakes up in the hospital with amnesia, petrified because she doesn’t know anybody or anything about herself. 

He’s crushed because the woman he loves doesn’t even recognize him.

After a critical car accident, Cooking Network host and bestselling cookbook author Clarissa Boneli doesn’t remember who she is or what she’s done with her life. Worse, she doesn’t recognize the man she loves. But piece by piece, she begins to see there were two Clares: one who loved her friends and made time for them. And one who became aloof and sophisticated and didn’t seem to care who she hurt.

Children’s books author and illustrator Brady Langston is heartbroken when Clare doesn’t remember him. They’ve shared their personal and professional lives for years, and he can’t believe she could forget all they meant to each other. At least not the old Clare. After all, hadn’t the new Clare left him in the dust?

Food lovers everywhere will relish in the world of glamorous cooking shows and be privy to the recipes Clare creates and the stories that go with them.  


As a bonus feature, CLARISSA’S KITCHEN is included with this package.

It’s a cookbook containing the recipes in the novel, many from Mary Grace Boneli, the author’s grandmother, from the author’s extended family, the Ruoccos, and some from her nuclear family’s kitchen. If you love Italian food, there are plenty of dishes for you!

Go out and grab your copy of this second chance, reunion story, peppered with society’s contemporary obsession with cooking shows and online recipes.

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The Logan Brothers Boxed Set

Meet The Logan Brothers! One has spent his life living down his father’s criminal legacy, and one has spent his life defying it. Either way, they’re both about to lose the women they love.

In TELL ME NO LIES, Dan Logan is the Citizen of the Year. Literally. And he worked hard for his stellar reputation after the disgrace his father caused the family. Now a successful district attorney, husband, father and, most importantly, well-respected by his community, he relishes the world he’s created. 

Tessa, Dan’s wife, is committed to her family, loving and well-liked. But she hides a secret that threatens their marriage and their perfect existence. When her past comes to light, can she count on Dan to support her?

THE WRONG MAN is the story of Nick Logan, Dan’s younger brother, who left home at sixteen and fell into the seedy side of life on the street. He got his act together, though, went to school and became a psychotherapist at the Crime Victims Resource Center. There, he fell in love with Madelyn Walsh, but he leaves her because he can’t open up and commit.

Maddie was devastated by Nick’s abandonment, but has had three years to recover. Now she heads the Center where they both worked. Not knowing this, Nick returns to counsel troubled kids–teen like he was–and finds Maddie is his boss.

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An invitation to join Shay Sisters Street Team 

I’m happy to share with you a new way to connect with me and other readers. It’s call Shay Sisters Street Team and I would love you to be part of it. In case you may not be familiar with the term Street Team or what a Street Team does, let me give you a brief definition and description. An author’s Street Team is a group of readers who help spread the word about the author and her books by performing different tasks such as (but not limited to) posting reviews, distributing swag, and sharing information about sales, upcoming releases, events, etc. via social media outlets (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.).  

You’ll also get special contact with me and other members of the team on a private Facebook page. I’ll talk to you about my current work, answer any questions you have about my writing and share other things with you.

Those who wish to join the team will need to ask to join the FB Group…

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Welcome to my website!

Dear Readers,

Welcome to the world of Kathryn Shay. I write contemporary romances that reviewers have called “heart-wrenching and emotional.” Many of my books are set in upstate New York, New York City, and surrounding areas.

You might have heard I write firefighter and teacher stories, but I cover a whole host of professions such as lawyers, Secret Service agents, CEOs, Irish pub owners, architects and police officers.

My work centers on hot, controversial: family problems, parents and children, friendship, troubled teens, school violence, infidelity and marriages in trouble, holiday stories and online dating. I hope you’ll peruse my website and get to know me (on my bio page and fun stuff) and the novels I write on the rest of the pages.

Best always,



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