Book 4: The Casella Cousins

She married the love of her life at nineteen—and then he died.

He knows he’s not somebody she should get involved with. But he can’t seem to leave her alone.

Alessia Casella Benatti had her happily-ever-after and now at thirty-four, is only interested in finishing up college and taking care of her three rambunctious boys. But when she enrolls at City College for her courses, she meets Dylan Davidson and finds him interesting, smart and, well, flirtatious. Which makes her start thinking again about love. And sex. Both in short supply.

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New Series! The Casella Cousins

Six cousins, separated as children, reunite as adults and become intricately involved in each other’s lives.

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Book 1: Haley

Hayley Casella loves her job as an Assistant District Attorney—everything but facing Paul Covington, her nemesis, in court. She’s fought with him in trials for a year. What will they do when attraction sparks between them one moonlit night? (Available Now) Read More & Order Today!

Book 2: Seth

Legal Aid lawyer Seth Casella is a truly good guy. Or so everybody thinks. But he has a darker side, that came out with his old girlfriend, Julianne Ford, which splits them apart permanently. Or maybe not! (Available Now) Read More & Order Today!

Book 3: Finn

Finn Casella, a mild-mannered guy, owns a bookstore in New York. He’s content with a quiet life and casual dating. Until he begins to see his young, sometimes infuriating assistant in a new light. (Available Now) Read More & Order Today!

Book 4: Alessia

Alessia Casella Benatti married the love at of her life at eighteen. And he died young. After several years, she goes back to finish college. She meets dashing Dylan Davidson, a fellow student, and begins to see love in her future again–though something isn’t quite right about him. (Available Now) Read More & Order Today!

Book 5: Gideon

Gideon Casella is a top cop in the Hidden Cove Police Department and in line for a promotion. It comes as a shock when the brass gives the position to Anabelle Sanders, a tough-as-nails female detective—and then assigns him to work for her. (Coming 10/20) Read More & Pre-Order Today!

Book 6: Ronan

Ronan Casella left home twenty plus years ago, abandoning his beloved sister and brother—until now. The mystery as to what’s happened to Ronan in the intervening decade is revealed in book six. (Coming 11/17) Read More & Pre-Order Today!