Wounded Heroes: The Redemption

Always Mine
Book 1

Brothers of Fire

All Fired Up by Kathryn Shay
All Fired Up
Book 1

The Rescue by Kathryn Shay
The Rescue
Book 2

Scorched by Kathryn Shay
Book 4

Rekindled by Kathryn Shay
Book 5

Hidden Cove Firefighters

On the Line by Kathryn Shay
On the Line
Book 2

America's Bravest by Kathryn Shay
America's Bravest
Book 4 (6 Novellas)

Chasing the Fire (anthology) by Kathryn Shay
Chasing The Fire
Book 6 (3 Novellas)

Take Me Back
Book 9

In Too Deep by Kathryn Shay
In Too Deep
A Novella, America's Bravest

The Rockford Fire Department

Feel The Heat by Kathryn Shay
Feel the Heat
Book 1

Code of Honor by Kathryn Shay
Code of Honor
Book 3

All I Need
Book 5

About the Baby

Be My Babies by Kathryn Shay
Be My Babies
Book 3

To Serve and Protect

Only With You by Kathryn Shay
Only With You
Book 3

No Other Love by Kathryn Shay
No Other Love
Book 4

Teacher's Pet
Book 6

Lean on Me

Trust in Me (Lean on Me) by Kathryn Shay
Trust In Me
Book 3

Portals of Time

Just in Time by Kathryn Shay
Just in Time
Book 1

Another Time by Kathryn Shay
Another Time
Book 3 Trilogy

Meant To Be by Kathryn Shay
Meant To Be
Book 3

Bayview Heights Series

Count on Me by Kathryn Shay
Count on Me
Book 3

Serenity House Trilogy

Serenity House Trilogy Boxed Set by Kathryn Shay
Serenity House Trilogy
The Complete Trilogy

A Love So Strong
A Love So Strong
3 Prequel Novellas

The Educators Series

Still The One by Kathryn Shay
Still the One
Novella 1

Someone Like You by Kathryn Shay
Someone Like You
Novella 2

Maybe This Time by Kathryn Shay
Maybe This Time
Novella 3

The O'Neil Family

Close to You
Book 2

High Stakes
Book 4

The Ludzecky Sisters

Begin Again by Kathryn Shay
Begin Again
Book 1

Love Story by Kathryn Shay
Love Story
Book 6

The Gentileschi Sisters

The Lucky Lady Casino Short Stories

Bet On It
Book 2

Lucky Me
Book 3

All In
Book 4

Book 5

Bon Apétit
Book 7

Let it Ride
Book 8

Cashing Out
Book 9

Sexy Men...Savvy Women

The Betrayal by Kathryn Shay
The Betrayal
Book 1

Stay With Me
Book 2

The Casella Cousins

Book 1

Book 2

Book 3

Book 4

Book 5

Book 6

Sisters of Fire

At Last
Book 2

The President's Daughters

Lie With Me
Book 2

Not For You
Book 4

Lost To Us
Book 5

Other Books

The Perfect Family
Women's Fiction

Home for Christmas by Kathryn Shay
Home for Christmas
Contemporary Romance


The Logan Brothers
Two Complete Novels

Heart of Christmas boxed set
The Heart of Christmas
Three Novellas