Beginnings: Six Series Starters

Beginnings: Six Series Starters Book Cover

An Anthology

Get a sampling of Kathryn’s books in this huge bargain anthology — six books, one from each of her award-winning series. This set features:

  • After the Fire
  • Practice Makes Perfect
  • Better Than Before
  • Still The One
  • Someone To Believe In
  • Cop of the Year
After the Fire by Kathryn ShayAfter the Fire

The Hidden Cove Firefighter Series

Three firefighters from the Malvaso family are trapped in a burning building and almost lose their lives. After they are rescued, they decide to change the way they’ve been living.

“Inspiring and emotionally invigorating…a true hero’s tale.”

~ RT Book Reviews

Practice Makes Perfect by Kathryn ShayPractice Makes Perfect

The Serenity House Trilogy

Dr. Paige Kendrick keeps people at a distance and refuses a relationship with hunky doctor Ian Chandler. But Ian won’t stop until he gets what he wants—Paige!

“I couldn’t put this trilogy down!! I want to read about the rest of the women from Serenity House. Shay tied everyone together in each book and yet created a bit of a mystery for each character.”

~ a reader

Better Than Before by Kathryn ShayBetter Than Before

The series

Super rich venture capitalist Spence Wickham joins an online dating service to prove to his brother that people lie on these sites. Annie Hopkins is looking for the type of man Spence is pretending to be. When the truth comes out, Spence must find a way to make Annie love him for the man he is.

“Classic Kathryn Shay—moving and realistic. You care so deeply about her hero and heroine that you just have to keep turning the pages to find out what happens to them.”

~ a reader

Still The One by Kathryn ShayStill The One

The Educators, a novella

Annie Jacobs is happy teaching at her home town high school until her former teacher, Dylan Kane, returns to be the principal. Annie and Dylan have a past, one which almost destroyed her. Will he do it again?

“As always Kathryn Shay tackles what most see as unthinkable material for a romance novel and ends up with a winner of a book.”

~ a reader and high school teacher

Someone to Believe InSomeone To Believe In

The O’Neil Family Series

New York Senator Clay Wainwright and anti-gang specialist, Bailey O’Neil battle over how to control street gangs, but when forced to work together, they unexpectedly fall in love.

“Shay’s writing trademark is taking seemingly impossible relationships and developing them into classic tales of true love.”

~ Fresh Fiction

Cop of the Year by Kathryn ShayCop of the Year

The Bayview Heights Trilogy

When Captain Mitch Lansing is assigned to Cassie Smith’s high school classroom, sparks fly. He’s by-the-book, and she’s unorthodox and innovative in her teaching methods. But when Mitch develops an unstoppable bond with her students, Cassie finds her attraction to him irresistible.

“An emotionally powerful tale that leaves you breathless.”

~ RT Book Reviews

The Details

Publisher: Ocean View Books
Published: December 2013