Playing For Keeps

Contemporary Romance

When the Buckland Bulls professional football team sets up their summer training camp at Beckett College, former linebacker, Mike “The King” Kingston, now a celebrity coach, upsets Dr. Jacelyn Ross’ academic life.

First he mistakes her for a student where, in reality, she heads the business department. Then he accuses her of a being a biased, stuffy teacher. But when he muscles his way into her personal life, and worse, falls for her, Jacelyn experiences a totally different kind of emotion.

Faced with accusations of professional misbehavior and acting like a groupie, Jacelyn won’t admit she likes the rugged coach and eventually that she’s fallen in love with him. Because they can’t avoid contact, tension mounts.

Based on the football training camp of the Buffalo Bills at a college in upstate New York (where the author did extensive research), PLAYING FOR KEEPS combines real life conflict with a fictional love story that will knock your socks off.

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A note from Kathryn

PLAYING FOR KEEPS was originally published in 2005 as OUR TWO SONS. I’ve updated and revised the book, and changed the title mostly because the initial one did not reflect the emphasis in the storyline.


“…the characters are well drawn and appealing, and Shay’s hero is hard to resist.”

— RT Reviews

“The best thing Ms. Shay does is create a strong sensual tension between two people with two very different goals. Congratulations Ms. Shay for a deeply emotional and well thought out story.”

— The Best Reviews

“…A great hero…sympathetic as all get out…decent, warmhearted…a good dad…treats the new woman in his life like a princess.”

— The Romance Reader

“Kathryn Shay scored the winning touchdown with this sweet tale of love.”

— The Best Reviews

The Details

Publisher: Kathryn Shay
Published: September 2012
ISBN-13: 9781939501011