Portals of Time Trilogy

Three women come from the future to right the wrongs of the past so that humankind can continue to exist! All have tasks to complete. All will give their lives to succeed. But none of them thought they’d find 21st century men as their soul mates. Journey with Dorian, Celeste and Alisha as they fight for both the future and the men they love in the exciting new Portals of Time trilogy.

Just in Time by Kathryn Shay
Just in Time
Book 1

Another Time by Kathryn Shay
Another Time
Book 3

A word from Kathryn

Dear readers,

For decades I’ve loved science fiction and fantasy. My favorite theme has always been time travel, and what I think I like the most about it is the idea that no one can adequately explain it, in science or in fiction. Finally, I decided to write these books. But make no mistakes: they are romances, through and through. Each couple’s relationship bears all the hallmarks of my traditional romance: intimate, emotional intensity, heart-wrenching situations where a happily-ever-after seems impossible and of course, the redeeming power of love. I’ve just set them in, well, very unusual circumstances. I hope you love these books as much as I do.

~ Kathryn