Just in Time

Just in Time by Kathryn Shay

Book 1: Portals of Time

In JUST IN TIME, 26th century woman Dorian Masters must save the life of research scientist Jess Cromwell by preventing his murder in five months. Cromwell’s work would eventually set the standard for eradicating all carbon emissions. But she has to find the assassin first, and Jess’s brother Luke, a cynical New York cop—and an exasperating man!–seems determined to stand in her way. He questions her suitability as a bodyguard and he challenges her on the mistakes she makes about everyday things, including how she talks. When they unexpectedly fall in love, the stakes get higher as they fight together to save Jess’s life…and the future.

The Details

Publisher: Ocean View Books
Published: January 2014
ISBN-10: 1939501245
ISBN-13: 978-1939501240