Better Than Before

Better Than Before by Kathryn Shay

Book 1: Trilogy

In BETTER THAN BEFORE, charismatic and super rich venture capitalist Spence Wickham makes a bet with his brother to join an online dating service and prove people lie on these sites. But his deceit trips him up with sweet and generous Annie Hopkins who’s looking for the type of man he’s pretending to be.

When the truth comes out, Spence must find a way to make Annie love him for the man he is.


 “Kathryn Shay knows how to pack an emotional wallop.”

— Booklist

“Another winner by Kathryn Shay! The online dating stuff is fascinating! I loved the characters – flaws and all. Reading this book I ran the emotional gamut – was mad as hell at what characters did, moved to tears in some scenes, laughed out loud and cheered. The love scenes gave me a case of the vapors. This book tackles some powerful issues, and leaves the reader feeling good about humankind and the power of love. I can’t wait for the next one in the series!”

— A Barnes and Noble Reader

“Kathryn Shay has done it again! Her writing is beyond measure, and her characters are as interesting as they always are – A truly fantastic read!”

— A Barnes and Noble Reader

The Details

Publisher: Kathryn Shay
Published: July 2012