A Place to Belong

A Place To Belong by Kathryn Shay

Book 2: Serenity House Trilogy

In A PLACE TO BELONG, Darcy O’Malley and Hunter Sloan have more in common than they know when they meet at her daycare. Both have troubled kids, both grew up as outcasts in their hometown, and both find a deep and driving passion for the other that cannot be denied.

But Darcy must deal with her need for respectability, given her wild past, and Hunter must overcome his resentment of a town that treated him badly.

The roles of their three children are a boon to the storyline. Highly emotional and poignant, Shay continues her Serenity House trilogy with a winner!


“A PLACE TO BELONG is an intriguing contemporary relationship drama that also includes an engaging romantic subplot. Readers will appreciate this upbeat tale of healing!”

— The Best Reviews

The Details

Publisher: Kathryn Shay
Published: September 2011