Practice Makes Perfect

Practice Makes Perfect by Kathryn Shay

Book 1: Serenity House Trilogy

Paige Kendrick was one of the first residents of Serenity House, a home for troubled teens in the Southern Tier of New York. Pregnant, orphaned, and in charge of her younger sister, Paige was terrified about her future.

After giving up her child for adoption, she not only cares for her sister, but becomes a well-respected pediatrician in an upscale practice. Her life is fine until she meets pushy and full-of-himself Ian Chandler, an OB/GYN, who’s starting an inner city clinic.

He wants Paige to work with him, deal with teen moms like the one she used to be, and devote her professional time to his project. But when their relationship turns personal, and Ian wants Paige in his bed, and his future, she balks at the commitment.

Ian won’t stop, though, until he convinces her they were meant to be together.


“Author Kathryn Shay has a gift for boldly presenting challenging life situations that offer no easy solutions. PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT once again exhibits Shay’s deep compassion for her flawed, yet marvelously portrayed characters. A sympathetic, heart-warming tale that presents families, adoptions, and love with beauty and sparkle.”

— Word Weaving

“Shay’s novel is a sheer joy for readers looking for a contemporary story with honest-to-goodness issues. Paige comes from a troubled place, and has serious trust issues. Ian has had a much more stable life, but he too finds himself in a lonely place – working through the grief that continues to linger one year after the death of his adoptive parents.”

— The Romance Reader

“Kathryn Shay pens a poignant winner with PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT, Paige Kendrick’s journey from emotionally scarred teenager to an accomplished woman who learns to love, laugh and enjoy life.”

— RT Book Club

The Details

Publisher: Kathryn Shay
Published: September 2011