Dancing in the Dark

Dancing in the Dark Book Cover

Book 6: Sexy Men...Savvy Women

Welcome to Sexy Men…Sassy Women

A bestselling author, a medevac pilot, a hotshot lawyer, a bodyguard, a football coach and a children’s book author…all sexy, sensitive men who can be stubborn and infuriating.

A reclusive artist, a CEO, a family court judge, a businesswoman, a college professor and a celebrity food channel host… all successful, smart and sassy women who try to tame the men they love.

In DANCING IN THE DARK, celebrity Cooking Network host and bestselling cookbook author, Clarissa Boneli, has a critical car accident and doesn’t remember who she is or what she’s done with her life. Worse, she doesn’t recognize the man she loves. But piece by piece, she begins to see there were two Clares: one who loved her friends and made time for them. And one who became aloof and sophisticated and didn’t seem to care who she hurt.

Children’s books author and illustrator Brady Langston is heartbroken when Clare doesn’t remember him. They were best friends, and shared their personal and professional lives for years. He can’t believe she could forget all they meant to each other. At least not the old Clare. After all, hadn’t the new Clare left him in the dust?

Irrevocable mistakes and dark secrets are revealed to the reader as Clare remembers them. Along with those, she has fleeting glimpses of tender moments and sensual intimacies that hint at the man Clare truly loves.

cover-clarissas-kitchenBONUS: Food lovers everywhere will relish the world of glamorous cooking shows and be privy to the recipes Clare creates and the stories that go with them. As a bonus feature, CLARISSA’S KITCHEN is included with this package.

It’s a cookbook containing the recipes in the novel, many from Mary Grace Boneli, the author’s grandmother, some from the author’s extended family, the Ruoccos and meals from Kathryn’s nuclear family’s kitchen. If you love Italian food, there are plenty of dishes for you!

Don’t miss all the books in the Sexy Men…Sassy Women series. While not connected by characters and plot, in all six books, you’ll find the men sexy and women sassy.

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“Shay’s depiction of Clarissa and Brady’s chemistry is excellent. They’re very obviously meant for one another.”


Reader Praise for DANCING IN THE DARK

“I really enjoyed reading this book. The plot was fast-driven and interesting. I absolutely loved the main characters introduced in the book and I found the character development really very good. “

“What a fantastic book. I found myself thoroughly engrossed by the story. I liked the character of Clarissa Boneli. As I learned more about her, I truly began to care for her and her life. I thought Brady Langston was a dreamboat. I thought Jonathan Harris was true to the character that was written for him. A story that I won’t forget anytime soon.”

The Details

Published: November 2016
ASIN: B01M0247FZ