The Bodyguard

Book 4: Sexy Men...Savvy Women

Welcome to Sexy Men…Sassy Women

A bestselling author, a medevac pilot, a hotshot lawyer, a bodyguard, a football coach and a children’s book author…all sexy, sensitive men who can be stubborn and infuriating.

A reclusive artist, a CEO, a family court judge, a businesswoman, a college professor and a celebrity food channel host… all successful, smart and sassy women who try to tame the men they love.

In THE BODYGUARD, when Cord McKay saves Stacey Webb from an attack, she has no idea he’s played a devastating role in her past.

After a second incident, she insists he become her bodyguard. Both Cord, who is guilt-ridden, and her father, who hates Cord with a righteous passion, balk at the idea but Stacey wins out.

Though he tries to remain distant and remote, a vehicle accident and a kidnapping attempt bring Stacey and Cord together and nothing can stop the irrepressible attraction and ensuing love between these two very appealing characters.

Don’t miss all the books in the Sexy Men…Sassy Women series. While not connected by characters and plot, in all six books, you’ll find the men sexy and women sassy.

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A note from Kathryn

Originally published under the name A SUITABLE BODYGUARD in 1996, THE BODYGUARD was the winner of the 1996 Reviews Choice Best Superromance


“In THE BODYGUARD, a frightened young woman who is being stalked falls for her brooding protector, not realizing the shattering secret he carries about her past. A fast-rising star, Kathryn Shay captures our hearts with her vividly appealing lovers whose smoldering romance thrills us to the very last page.”

— RT Book Reviews

“Witty…very alpha male…great dialogue…great banter between hero and heroine…”

— Goodreads

“It’s great if you like romance stories about bodyguards who cross the line of professionalism and bleep their principle. Hum, should I admit I do?”

— A Reader

The Details

Publisher: Kathryn Shay
Published: February 2013
ISBN-13: 9781939501042