Ties That Bind

Book 3: Sexy Men...Savvy Women

Welcome to Sexy Men…Sassy Women

A bestselling author, a medevac pilot, a hotshot lawyer, a bodyguard, a football coach and a children’s book author…all sexy, sensitive men who can be stubborn and infuriating.

A reclusive artist, a CEO, a family court judge, a businesswoman, a college professor and a celebrity food channel host… all successful, smart and sassy women who try to tame the men they love.

In TIES THAT BIND, Reese Bishop would like to think he’s gotten over his ex-wife, Judge Kate Renado, and vice versa. But when they’re thrown together to disprove an accusation by a former client, who they represented in their high-powered law firm, everything between them gets murky.

They’re both involved with wonderful new partners, their daughter has finally accepted their divorce, and the cover-up in the prison system can’t quell the explosive attraction and deep love that surfaces when they work to prove their innocence.

Readers will be shocked by the turn of events in this novel.

Don’t miss all the books in the Sexy Men…Sassy Women series. While not connected by characters and plot, in all six books, you’ll find the men sexy and women sassy.

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About the Book

In her research on the legal system, Kathryn Shay followed lawyers, a public defender and a district attorney through their day and into court.


“Kathryn Shay writes some of the cleanest prose around, and it’s my belief she’d make the Yellow Pages sound interesting if the phone company put her on staff. Ms. Shay knows her way around a steamy love scene.”

— The Romance Reader

“Shay has crafted a novel with an intriguing premise and, best of all, with two protagonists who unleash tons of conflict in their wake.”

— RT Book Club

“Ms. Shay knows her way around a steamy love scene.”

— The Romance Reader

The Details

Publisher: Kathryn Shay
Published: October 2011
ASIN: B0045Y1LI2