The Educators

Welcome to The Educators, Kathryn Shay’s bold new series of never before published novellas. Veteran teacher Shay returns to one of her favorite settings and vividly portrays the teachers, administrators and students of Crystal Corners High School. As is her trademark, sizzling romances are back-dropped by controversial, complicated and sometimes dangerous situations.

Still The One by Kathryn Shay
Still the One
Novella 1

Someone Like You by Kathryn Shay
Someone Like You
Novella 2

Maybe This Time by Kathryn Shay
Maybe This Time
Novella 3

Praise for Shay’s High School Stories

“Kathryn Shay has carefully and precisely brought the reality of high school life into focus.”

— a Reader

“Shay uses her own extensive background as a high-school teacher to create believable teenagers.”

— The Romance Reader