Maybe This Time

Maybe This Time by Kathryn Shay

Novella 3: The Educators

A 36,000 word novella

MAYBE THIS TIME features Delaney Dawson, a good teacher who has just been transferred to the high school. Her lessons are innovative, she participates in school activities and her students love her. But when she hooks up with the Gage Grayson, the father of a girl she has in class, a myriad of problems occur.

First, the two adults didn’t know of their connection through Stephanie. And Stephanie hates her father, which jeopardizes the troubled teen’s burgeoning relationship with her teacher.

But when they learn that Steph is being lured in by a bad crowd with a proclivity towards school violence, all three must work together to prevent deadly consequences.


“Kathryn Shay clearly has lived the life of a teacher -a good teacher! As a former teacher myself I loved the insights the young female lead character had regarding her students, and the way teaching was her life – not just her job. And the love scenes burned with excitement! Great job Ms. Shay!!”

— a Reader

The Details

Publisher: Kathryn Shay
Published: February 2011
ASIN: B004O0U750