Someone Like You

Someone Like You by Kathryn Shay

Novella 2: The Educators

A 30,000 word novella

“There are hot issues of the day to address in this book…The story is heartbreaking, one I’m sure is not unique at all… Another solid read from Shay. Really looking forward to the next book.” Lori Sherden, Goodreads

In this second installment of The Educators, teacher Brie Gorman and Coach Nick Corelli have been at odds for years. She never liked the sexy jock himself, and hates how the school tends to coddle athletes. But when one of Brie’s students, the star quarterback of the football team, goes into a downward spiral, she and Nick must work together to help him. Unexpectedly, a fiery passion they can’t ignore erupts between them, even when they clash over the best way to save the boy’s life.

The Details

Publisher: Kathryn Shay
Published: January 2011