The Inheritance Series


Welcome to The Inheritance Series. In the upcoming year, twelve books, written by twelve best-selling authors, will be released as part of this collection. All center on one premise. Billionaire Harold Hopewell crossed paths with many people in his lifetime, all affecting his life. In his will, he leaves each of the characters in The Inheritance Series a bequest. Another unique aspect of the books is that each of them are connected to another series in that author’s catalogue, so new readers will be introduced to twelve series they may not be familiar with.

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The Books

A Burning Passion

Book 1 by Kathryn Shay


Firefighter Dan Collins, everybody’s favorite guy, was dumped by his wife for a richer man. Eleven months later, he finds love with Lucy Coretta, another firefighter who’s been his best friend for years. But when he receives a windfall from a wealthy benefactor who recently died, his newly made plans with Lucy are threatened, and the inheritance sends everybody into a tailspin.

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Series: Hidden Cove Firefighters, Book 8

Take the Long Way Home

Book 2 by Judith Arnold


Maeve Nolan left town ten years ago in anger and pain, planning never to return. But an unexpected inheritance lures her back. If she’s going to remain in Brogan’s Point, she’ll have to mend her tattered relationship with her father. She’ll also have to deal with Quinn Connor, Brogan’s Point’s one-time golden boy, who’s changed his life but can’t escape the expectations the folks in town have of him. When “Take the Long Way Home” emerges from the Magic Jukebox, Maeve and Quinn must figure out what home really means, and whether they can find it in each other’s arms.

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Series: The Magic Jukebox, Book 6

The Sinful Seduction

Book 3 by Day Leclaire


Self-made billionaire and recluse, Thaddeus Lambert doesn’t have time for love or marriage or a family until he receives the services of Jazz Jones, a professional matchmaker, as an unexpected—and unwanted—inheritance from a man whose opinion meant the world to him.  Unfortunately, none of the matches appeal as much as Jazz, and even though she’s totally wrong for him, he can’t resist seducing the sexy matchmaker.

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Series: The Sinful Secrets Series, Book 4

Where Love Lives

Book 4 by Patricia McLinn


Zoe Parisi hasn’t forgotten rodeo cowboy Matt Halderman or the night he walked out on her. Now a doctor, Zoe wants nothing to do with him or his good looks, but this inheritance is a whole different matter, because she could improve medical care for Knighton, Wyoming with those funds. If only she could get that money without dealing with Matt — the one man she wants to forget and can’t.

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Series: Wyoming Wildflowers, Book 6

The Wedding Dress

Book 5 by Lisa Mondello


Young and in love, Hannah Ward has found the perfect wedding dress to elope with her childhood sweetheart, Dane Bancroft, but is outbid at a bridal auction and never ends up married. When she is willed the wedding dress ten years later by the billionaire who outbid her, she wonders if she’ll get a second chance to actually wear the wedding dress of her dreams and marry the only man she’s ever really loved.

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Series: Texas Hearts Series, Book 7

Texas Sweet

Book 6 by Jean Brashear


The quiet and shy teenage waitress Brenda Jones has a past shrouded in mystery, but the residents of Sweetgrass Springs have taken her into their hearts without questions. Will an unexpected windfall force her on the run again or free her from her past?

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Series: Texas Heroes, Book 18

Deadly Legacy

Book 7 by Margaret Daley


Down on her luck, single mom, Lacey St. John, receives an inheritance from a wealthy stranger, and her happiness is complete until her life is threatened. Is the strong, capable neighbor, Ryan McNeil, as amazing as he seems or the man who wants her dead? 

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Series: Strong Women, Extraordinary Situations, Book 7

Abby’s Cowboy

Book 8 by Kathy Carmichael


Rancher Josh Callahan is astonished when he learns he has inherited the two Corgis he once returned to their owner Harold Hopewell, as well as a truckload of cash—and an interior designer. Designer Abby Palmer is excited about making over Josh’s beautiful old farmhouse, whether the stubborn cowboy likes it or not. Between the dogs, the debris and the designer, Josh is in over his head—and his heart.

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Series: The Texas Two-Step Series Book 6

Shopping for an Heir

Book 9 by Julia Kent


Gerald Wright works for billionaires. He never imagined he’d become one. The former Navy Seal is a chauffeur by day, artist by night, so when hotter-than-ever ex-fiancée Suzanne Dayton interrupts his nude model sculpting class to serve him with inheritance paperwork from a man he’s never heard of, he assumes it’s a joke. Turns out the joke’s on him. There’s just one catch. A big one. And it might be Suzanne — in more ways than he ever dreamed.

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Series: Shopping for a Billionaire Series, Book 10

Bound by Betrayal

Book 10 by Trish McCallan


After Rebecca Blaine inherits a novelty desk from her mother’s old boss, she finds a journal hidden in one of the compartments—a diary indicating her mother’s suicide had actually been murder.  The discovery leads to a homicide investigation, which alerts the killer to Becca’s existence, and her cynical first love to the fact she’s back in town.

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Entrusted to the SEAL

Book 11 by Teresa Hill


Some crazy rich guy died and left US Navy SEAL Mace Daughtry a woman. A fortune and a woman. Half for him, half for her. All Mace had to do was convince the stubborn, young widow to accept it. How hard could that be? Mace had no idea what he was up against.

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Series: The McRaes Series, Book 6

Sheltered by the SEAL

Book 12 by Amy Gamet


A pregnant and desperate Lisa McConnell assumes the identity of a coworker to secure her own future, but finds her life in danger when she inherits a book intended for the other woman. The only person who can protect her now is HERO Force member Jax “Aces” Andersson, a former Navy SEAL and the unwitting father of Lisa’s unborn child.

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Series: Sheltered by the SEAL by Amy Gamet