Bon Apétit

Book 7: The Lucky Lady Casino Short Stories

Some call him the chef from hell. Some call him a genius. Known only as Garrick, this remarkable artiste is on his way to even more stardom than he achieved in the TV cooking show he hosts.
A culinary school graduate, Chloe Masterson is thrilled to be sous chef to this legend. Garrick may be insensitive, arrogant and stubborn, but she vows to find a way to work with him.
When a mutual attraction hits them both, their worlds tilt: he’s got other plans for his future and she’s a hometown girl. A relationship between them is out of the question. Or is it?

Readers will find themselves drawn into the story of two people who really don’t belong together yet find love at The Lucky Lady Casino.

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The Details

Publisher: Ocean View Books
Published: January 2020