Lucky Me

Book 3: The Lucky Lady Casino Short Stories

She’s a high-profile New York model who wants to come home and be with her brother, who’s suffering from PTSD.

He’s director of security at The Luck Lady Casino, whose big nose and imposing height make him doomed to live his life alone.

Stacey Steele loves spending time with Sammy, her twin, at The Lucky Lady Casino. When they befriend Cy Conklin, the big man with a gentle way, she wants to spend more time with him, too. Their lives become inextricably bound, and when Stacey wants a romantic relationship, he rebuffs her.

Will Cy ever accept he’s good enough for Stacey, and with Stacey make some important decisions now that Cy is in her life?

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The Details

Publisher: Ocean View Books
Published: July 2019