The Winning Ticket

Book 6: The Lucky Lady Casino Short Stories

He’s the head cashier at The Lucky Lady Casino, supervising twenty-five people.

She’s one of those cashiers, just trying to earn a living for her daughter and stay away from trouble.

Trey Sutcliff finally took the plunge and ditched his boring accounting job to get on the administrative track at a casino. But when he meets Annie Evans, one of his employees, he’s attracted to her sweet ways and selfless manner. Annie feels the same about Trey. He’s the kindest man she’s ever known. Despite their best efforts to stay away from each other, their relationship grows. But how can they be together when the revelation of their feelings will get her fired from a job she desperately needs and simultaneously ruin his career?

Fans will root for Trey and Annie and their desire to be together despite the impossible odds, even at The Lucky Lady.

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Publisher: Ocean View Books
Published: October 2019