Never My Love

Book 1: The President's Daughters

He finally finds a woman he can love, but she wants to be president of the United States!

Annalise Manwaring inherited the ambition gene from her presidential father. She planned her schooling and each of her jobs all to reach her goal of occupying the Oval Office. Nothings going to stop her.

Luke Branson has always resented Annalise, even before he met her. Wounded by life, he was poor and scrapped for necessities and an education, whereas she was given everything on a silver platter. Even when he meets her as an adult at The Justice Project, he cant quell those old feelings.

However, when new feelings emerge for them both, theyre forced to chose between their jobs and their love. Or are they? Set in the world of D.C. politics, watch and see how these two star-crossed lovers interact. With the stakes so high, will they figure out a way to be together?

Take a look at all the Presidents Daughters: NEVER MY LOVE, LIE WITH ME, BE MINE AGAIN, NOT FOR YOU and LOST TO US.

The Details

Publisher: Ocean View Books
Published: February 2022
ASIN: B09LL521Z4