Only With You

Only With You by Kathryn Shay

Book 3: To Serve and Protect

Special Agent Whitney Dwyer sees the world in black and white, much to the chagrin of her beloved cousins, the Marino brothers. Her life is terrific: a supportive family, a varied job with mega opportunities for advancement and a fantastic friends-with-benefits lover. Beneath her tough exterior, though, lies a woman who was scarred in deep and dark ways by the horror of an accident that killed her parents.

But Whitney’s life is knocked off its axis when she loses the man she now realizes she loves. To complicate matters, that man, Special Agent Max Blackwell, has made a decision he regrets immediately. Still, he and Whitney cannot come together again until she deals with what plagues her and he discovers what he truly wants out of life. 

ONLY WITH YOU is back-dropped by the bombing of a federal building, a case assigned to Whitney and Max during their personal turmoil. The book also delves into the inner workings of the Secret Service and the danger federal agents encounter every day. Toss in a sizzling relationship and readers will find this story a page-turner. 

Reviews for Kathryn Shay's Books

“A wonderfully written, emotional and extraordinary read and truly deserves a five-star rating.”

Affaire de Coeur 

“Kathryn Shay’s storytelling grabbed me on page one and her characters held me until the very last word.”

Barbara Bretton, USA Today bestselling author   

“Each page is pure seduction of the senses.”

Genie Romex Reviews  

The Details

Publisher: Ocean View Books
Published: August 2017