Fun Stuff about Kathryn

Me with the Queen of Romance, Nora Roberts, at an RWA conference

Welcome to my new page, which is replacing my blog–the one I haven’t kept up with very well. So I tried to do something different, like having a page that talks about things I like, do, think about. It’s an kind of Pinterest board, I think. So I hope you enjoy it. Come back to see the updates, too.

Everybody loves a firefighter…

Everybody knows I love firefighters: here’s my on my very first ride along with an upstate New York fire department. These guys were great helping me with my research. Telling me their stories, letting me into their own private world.

Isn’t she cute?

Here’s a picture of the love of my life, my little Hattie. She’s a Yorkshire terrier, 5 years old and just a sweetheart.


This isn’t me doing yoga, but I wish it was. I love yoga, have been doing it for nearly eight years, but I’m still far away from this beautiful pose.


I love my church. It’s a United Church of Christ/Disciples of Christ, where I worship every Sunday and spend a lot of time in meetings and on committees. Here are two of us marching at the Gay Pride Parade.


I volunteer during the week at a battered women’s shelter and a food kitchen. During the summer I’ve worked at Camp Good Days and Special Times, a camp for kids with cancer, similar to the one you see in the Hidden Cove Firefighter books.